Ministers Duncan and Wendy Campbell
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Tambourine Dance Ribbons Book

Ribbons for the Tambourine eBook $3

The foundational teaching, tradition, and instruction for applying ribbons to the tambourine in the tambourine dance ministry. This guide is a reference tool in making themed ribbons for the tambourine.

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Significance of Ribbons w/Biblical root word study
Starting Out
Presentation Ceremony
Preparation: How to make the ribbons
Ribbon Placement
Creating the Ribbon Pattern Devotional
Themed Ribbon Sets
Meaning of Colors List w/Biblical references
Meaning of Numbers List w/Biblical references
The proper use of colors and numbers

Author: Rev. Wendy Campbell
Total pages including cover: 19
Size: 8 1/2 wide x 11 long
Format: PDF eBook Version
File Size: 572KB

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