A note from the author: These books were written between 1994 and 2008 prior to and after being ordained in the Christian and Messianic world. These books remain as a tribute to what Adonai did in my life during those years. In 2014 I discoved proof that I was a natural born Jew and made the decision to dig deeper into the Jewish faith. I keep the Messiah near to my heart.

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Hanukkah eBook $9.99
Messianic Hanukkah Book

Tambourine Dance Choreography eBook $12
Tambourine Dance Book

Streamer Choreography eBook $12

Tambourine Dance History eBook $8.00
Tambourine Dance History Book
Laying on of Hands Ministry eBook $5
Laying on of Hands Book
"Heavenly Culture" eBook $8

Bible Symbols Colors Numbers Book
Tambourine Dance Ribbons eBook $3
Tambourine Dance Ribbons Book
Biblical Dance eBook $5.00
Biblical Dance Book
Garments of Praise eBook $5
Garments of Praise Book
Worship Arts Leadership eBook $10
Worship Arts Book

Streamer Choreography eVideo $9.99

Streamer Video DVD

Tambourine Dance Choreography eVideo $5
Tambourine Dance Video DVD
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